Cave Installation, Mixed Media Installation, 14’x14’x8′, 2010

Cave Installation, Close-up

Inside of Cave Installation, Various printmaking techniques on fabric with hand & machine sewing with mixed media

Bearskin Rug and Chandelier of Death inside Cave

Baby Blanket, Mixed printmaking techniques on fabric with hand and machine sewing, 14’x3.5’x2.5″ with variable length cord, 2010

Baby Blanket- detail

Wall of Prints with machine sewing

Waiting Room, Photo- Lithograph with machine sewing, 16″x20″, 2009

Eight Bears, woodblock prints on rice paper with machine sewing, 2010

nicklow_image13The Bear and Rabbit Waltz, Woodblock print with machine sewing, 2010

Three Hybrid Babies, Van Dyke Brown and Gum Arabic Prints with mixed media, 16″x24″, 2010

Three Pregnant Rabbits, Van Dyke Brown Prints with mixed media, 12″x32″, 2010

Rabbit, woodblock print, 12″x16″, 2010