Non: Narrative Oil Paintings on Slabs
Artist Statement:

In the abstract art of Jonathan Nicklow, sincerity and creativity are given priority.
I have created a loosely abstract painting style that is derived from the expressive qualities of nature.  My interests lay in the painting as object.  This is seen as a revelation of matter through the encrusted surface, and of time through multiple layering.
My pictorial emphasis is on texture, which begins as a densely impasto panel.  Then the surface is built up with mixed media: oil paint, tar, encaustic, mica, etc.  In addition, I assemble and construct each handmade frame.
Living in such a beautiful area of Colorado I am constantly inspired by nature and the world around me. As an artist I am constantly searching for the abstraction within the “Real World”, in order to realize my own visual language. I gain inspiration from the wonders of nature to supply many of the themes, patterns, and designs. I believe the colors, shapes, and textures have their own rhythm and importance in art.  My abstract work should be viewed as originating from nature.  The piece is then allowed to follow its own individual perception of creation.  This work is based on my vision of nature’s true essence and should be viewed for its textures, lines, colors, and compositions.

Navigator’s Rhapsody, oil paint, encaustic, and tar on slabs, 36″x54″, 2008