Artist Statement for The Rabbit who Married the Bear:

The printmaking of Jonathan Nicklow is inspired by personal mythology that draws from his own narrative, cultural and historical references, pattern and design, ancient myths, legends, and dreams.  Within many of his dreams he can remember a transformative manifestation between animals and his own self.

His prints are centered on the bear and the rabbit and are influenced by several fairy and folk tales.  One tale in particular, The Woman Who Married a Bear, inspired him to create his own visual narrative of a Rabbit Who Married a Bear.  The Bear and the Rabbit have both been used by storytellers as a literary device to mediate between animals and humans and within the realms of life and death, as well as to help work through the strains in both social and natural aspects of male and female forces. The bear and the rabbit are elevated from beasts to mythic status as they take on human emotions and become metaphoric portraits of the artist and others.  Both of these animals have been portrayed in many various incarnations and throughout his art he has used their symbolism for his own self-discovery and identity.

I Am a Real Bear, Van Dyke Brown Print with machine sewing, 12″x16″, 2010